SlimQuick Pure reviews : Does this green tea extract product for weight loss work?


How many weight loss products are on the market right now? Your brain can become overloaded with information touting the success of each product! Who do you believe? You have to do plenty of research before you can even come close to deciding, or at least you should.

If the product advertising sounds way to good to be true, then it probably is. So, for an average consumer it is good to not just believe anything you read without looking into it first.

One such fat burning and weight loss product is SlimQuick, and it is very likely you have already heard about it, or even used it yourself. It’s a green tea based weight loss product.

Well, green tea is nothing new in the weight loss industry, however some of the so-called green tea diet products can be dangerous.

Slimquick Pure – Is it Worth All the Hype?

Slimquick contains a variety of components geared towards helping you effectively lose weight.

  • Green tea extract to boost metabolism
  • Edible natural fibers help your body absorb calories and fat.
  • There is also a diuretic component in Slimquick that aids your body and stimulates your kidneys to help you get rid of excess water.
  • Amino acids like L tyrosine are added that help build muscle and boost metabolism and also enhance dopamine and growth hormone. More muscle in the body means more healthy metabolism. Read more about growth hormone.
  • Vitamin B gives you the energy you need as you lose weight.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant that aids in regulating your energy level as well as boosting your body’s metabolism.
  • Appetite suppressants from natural ingredients like capsaicin and caffeine that actually force, or trick your brain into thinking you are not hungry.

The company behind Slimquick claims that it is a powerful weight loss supplement formulated to assist you in your weight loss plan better than any other. If you really want to lose weight you will take one capsule with water (or with your meal). Six capsules per day are the maximum dosage recommended for this supplement.

SlimQuick products are targeted more towards women. The company claims that weight loss resulting from using Slimquick caplets is made possible because women shed excess water weight, their metabolism and energy is increased, and their appetite is suppressed meaning women would be eating far less than they normally would.

On their official website, they claim:-

We all know that it’s physically more difficult for women to lose weight. Studies have shown that hormones, slower metabolism, stress, low energy, appetite and water retention are the key reasons women have trouble losing weight. New SLIMQUICK Pure is the only weight loss supplement designed specifically for a woman’s body to combat the six ways our bodies work against us.


  • Increases METABOLISM
    Reduces APPETITE
    Boosts ENERGY
    Reduces Excess WATER
    Supports HORMONES
    Reduces STRESS

Well, the company behind SLIMQUICK Pure has certainly listed the most crucial aspects of womens’ weight loss. However, do their products contain the ingredients that tackle these issues comprehensively ? Looking at the ingredients, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Green tea in Slimquick Pure Regular strength is good for weight loss and definitely helps increase the metabolism and boost energy and reduce stress (acts as a stress buster like all teas).

However, it is not a very effective “appetite suppressant”, nor a very effective hormonal optimizer.

When it comes to optimizing the hormonal profile for weight loss, there are some crucial hormones and neurotransmitters that play a role in obesity.

Cons of SlimQuick Pure product lineup

Lets look at the weak points of SlimQuick products especially when compared to other metabolism boosters and weight loss supplements.

1. Most of the ingredients in SlimQuick products are focused towards raising the metabolism mainly.

And they’ve got good ingredients for the purpose – Green tea, capsaicin etc.

But, as modern research reveals now,  “metabolism” is not the most important factor behind weight gain or obesity, contrary to what was previously believed.

For years, the metabolism propaganda was carried on and weight loss companies made billions marketing their metabolism boosting products to the consumers.

For example, the statement that “A slow metabolism makes you fat” is actually a myth. There is just not enough scientific proof.

Recent clinical studies have proved that obesity is a complex phenomenon, especially in America, where eating habits and the various obesity causing foods and stuff like fructose are directly linked to transforming the “fat-hoarding” hormones in Americans in general and specifically causing the leptin-insulin resistance. Read more on the various reasons why weight loss is more complicated than we might think.

So, merely focusing on metabolism boosters for your weight loss is NOT the best strategy to begin with. And take into account, that everyone is different. Everyone’s hormonal profile is different and there might be several reasons why you are fat.

So, SlimQuick might boost your metabolism somewhat but it might not be having those “ingredients” that will actually make you lose weight.

2. Slimquick does not target Dopamine and Acetylcholine comprehensively

Dopamine is the primary motivation and energy hormone, connected with eating behaviors and Acetylcholine is the primary neurotransmitter for cell energy signaling, that plays a role in insulin balancing and cell-energy and also in secreting more growth hormone which is great for weight loss.

Together both these neurotransmitters provide you energy, so you don’t feel tired or require food.

Slimquick Pure Regular has Phosphatidylcholine, a choline supplement that increases both acetylcholine and dopamine.

Slimquick Pure Extra strength also has “L tyrosine”, which is also a good dopamine enhancer.

However, another metabolism boosting pill Phen375 has certain ingredients like Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, Sympathomimetric Amine and Tongkat ali that target the dopamine neurotransmitter more comprehensively.

It also has L carnitine that boosts acetylcholine too.

Another great supplement is Genf20 Plus which has Phosphatidylcholine, and L tyrosine both, and it targets dopamine, Serotonin, Human growth hormone and Acetylcholine all simultaneously.

Genf20 Plus also has some other powerful ingredients like a combination of amino acids, Alpha GPC , deer antler velvet, etc. that altogether are more efficient in enhancing the dopamine, HGH and acetylcholine levels. Science has proven the benefits of raising HGH levels for weight loss.

Both Phen375 and Genf20 Plus don’t have Green tea as their primary weight loss ingredient, but even without this ingredient they are more effective than SlimQuick.

Phen375 is great for dopamine and Norepinephrine optimization and Genf20 Plus is great for optimization of dopamine, Serotonin, Human growth hormone and Acetylcholine.

More and more successful diet pills that are launching are now targeting the psychopharmaceuticals which target the brain’s biochemistry and hormones in a much comprehensive manner for permanent weight loss.

3. Slimquick Pure does not target comprehensively the Leptin, the anti-hunger hormone, and Insulin, the anti leptin hormone

Read more on leptin and insulin here.

To tackle the complex issue of leptin and insulin, the ingredients in your diet pill should have strong appetite suppression effect and ways to balance insulin and insulin sensitivity. Both mechanisms should be present, otherwise it won’t work.

While green tea extract, Guggulsterones, and Ginger etc. in Slimquick Pure Extra strength are good for balancing insulin levels, they are still less powerful ingredients for this cause.

The best nutrients for this purpose are L glutamine, Chromium picolinate and Alpha GPC.

Alpha GPC works indirectly by increasing growth hormone, which balances overall insulin levels in the body.

Genf20 Plus has all these ingredients and more.

Slimquick Pure Regular does not have strong appetite suppression ingredient besides caffeine.

Slimquick Pure Extra strength also has Capsicum extract, which has some clinically proven benefit of appetite suppression.

Other than that almost all ingredients in Slimquick Pure Extra strength have a metabolism boosting effect, but not much effect of appetite suppression.

Both Phen375 and Genf20 Plus contain Chromium that helps to increase energy levels and decreases food cravings. It also balances insulin levels and helps to deal with insulin resistance.

And Genf20 Plus has other ingredients that control insulin levels too, and very effectively, especially because it enhances Human growth hormone and HGH has inverse relationship with insulin.

In the natural situation, insulin and human growth hormone levels are reciprocal: GH is low when insulin is high, insulin is low when GH is high.

So, using either of or both(in combination) Phen375 and/or Genf20 Plus is a much effective than using SlimQuick.


4. Slimquick Pure does not target comprehensively Norepinephrine, the arousal and alertness neurotransmitter and also responsible for fight or flight response

Green tea in SlimQuick products and especially the main antioxidant in tea, EGCG, can help inhibit an enzyme that breaks down the hormone norepinephrine. Here is the clinical study on this.

However, this effect is not very strong.

Both Slimquick Pure Regular and Extra strength do not seem to have other ingredients besides Green tea and capsaicin that target this very important hormone Norepinephrine.

However, Phen375 contains Tongkat Ali, a powerful Malaysian herbal ingredient that suppresses the appetite by enhancing dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters.

Its other ingredients Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, Sympathomimetric Amine also work on norepinephrine. It also contains Capsaicin, a chili pepper extract, helps increase metabolism and breaks down fats.

The Norepinephrine’s appetite suppression effect with Phen375 is quite effective. For this reasons, some experts have even claimed that it is like a combination of Ephedra and Phentermine.

Because it has both – the “thermogenic” effect (burning more calories) of Ephedra and “appetite suppressant” effect of Phentermine, that work in synergy, combined in one.

And it is all herbal product and free of side effects. It has none of the side effects linked with Ephedra and Phentermine diet pills and other stronger “appetite suppression” supplements.

5. Slimquick Pure moderately targets Serotonin, the primary satisfaction neurotransmitter and Cortisol, the stress hormone

Slimquick Pure contains Green tea and Rhodiola extract. Both of them control cortisol and Rhodiola enhances serotonin activity.

However, the best supplement to control cortisol levels is L glutamine and GABA, a serotonin enhancer. Serotonin is like nature’s own appetite suppressant.

Genf20 Plus contains both L glutamine and GABA and is a much better supplement to enhance serotonin and control cortisol levels.

6. Human growth hormone, the Master hormone that enhances Lipolysis, breakdown of fat

Both SlimQuick and Phen375 don’t target this very crucial hormone that plays a huge role in weight loss and balancing insulin levels.

However, Genf20 Plus targets the Human growth hormone very very comprehensively.

SlimQuick lists some benefits of protein and amino acids, but they don’t mention that one of the best benefits of amino acids is to enhance growth hormone. And especially if it’s taken with ingredients like deer antler velvet, and alpha GPC.

So, the amino acids in Genf20 Plus actually provide all the benefits of protein diet and enhance growth hormone levels leading to sustainable weight loss.

7. Weight gain is possible when you stop taking SlimQuick

Since, the mechanisms by which SlimQuick makes you lose weight are limited, it can’t beat the homeostasis system of the body. And thus, it might not be the best product for successful long term or permanent weight loss.

8. Disadvantages of green tea

Listed in this article, are the various benefits of green tea.

However, it has its own consequences too. Like, according to this article on,

There are a few negative consequences to drinking lots and lots of green tea. The tannins found in both green and black tea can decrease absorption of folic acid, an important vitamin that helps decrease birth defects. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you should definitely limit your green tea consumption to two cups a day, or skip it altogether. Green tea can also interfere with the absorption of iron, too, so it’s recommended that you avoid drinking green tea with meals and just drink it between them.

Green tea products became very popular recently, however that fame also gave rise to companies who brought some inferior green tea products to the market.

Besides, there are some studies on green tea which document not so encouraging results, like this one.

  • Those in the green tea group lost on average 0.2 to 3.5 kg more than those in the control group over 12 weeks. In most studies, the weight loss was not statistically significant.
  • With a loss of 5% to 10% of body weight considered to be beneficial in reducing CV risk factors, the amount of weight loss produced by green tea preparations is unlikely to be clinically relevant.

In my opinion, Green tea can definitely boost metabolism, but it can’t beat the body’s homeostasis system on its own.

Obesity is a complex thing and ensuring that you lose weight, you must use a product that contains diverse ingredients that target the various mechanisms of losing weight by targeting the various hormones and neurotransmitters in the body.

Besides, new research now reveals there are other teas more effective than green tea when it comes to losing weight.

Also read on possible interactions of green tea with other medicines. Some green tea products can have other side effects that can make you extremely ill, so read reviews from people who have already tried the green tea product before you decide anything!

Overall, in my opinion SlimQuick is a good product to boost metabolism. But merely focusing on metabolism boosters for your weight loss is NOT the best strategy for weight loss. So, for most people, it will be a hit or a miss.

A better alternative would be to try Phen375 and/or Genf20 Plus. Together these two products can target all the complex causes of excess weight.


Clinical Studies conducted on the Slimquick product

Before making the switch to a green tea product like SlimQuick, also try to learn a little about the company involved in production of the product. What kind of reputation does it have? Have any complaints been filed against the company itself?

Has anyone ever filed a lawsuit against them? These are very real things you could consider before taking any products manufactured or produced by any company. Not this one in particular.

However, here are the clinical studies on SlimQuick.

Women who took Slimquick two times a day were purported to have lost an average of 3 times the weight as compared to the group who were given a placebo. A 1350 calorie diet per day was followed by each group. Results show that the group of women taking a placebo did not lose the weight as the women taking the actual supplement did. Women lost an average of 25 pounds over a period of 90 days.


The average price of Slimquick can be anywhere from $19.98 up to $29.98 depending whether you buy in in a retail store or order it online. Retail stores will usually offer a return policy if you are not satisfied, usually 30 days being the normal return time.,,and other online retailers sell the product as well as many local retailers including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and others in your locale. Remember that when you order online you may be paying a bit more for shipping to your area.

Side effects of SlimQuick

As with any weight loss supplement, there is the possibility of potential side effects. People taking any supplement have a wide and varied array of reactions to one or all of the ingredients contained within. The following is a list of different side effects reported by users.

  • Dehydration: If you suffer from headaches, if your mouth is very dry, or you notice you are producing less urine than before or it is dark in color you may be dehydrated. It is extremely important to drink plenty of water while taking any diet supplements.
  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Insomnia: if you are having trouble sleeping you will need to adjust the time that you take your last supplement. The earlier you take it before bedtime, the better you will sleep.
  • Loss of focus sometimes occurs while taking Slimquick.
  • High energy levels followed by a sudden crash

Before starting any diet or taking any supplements it is advisable that you check with your doctor to see if there are any health concerns which will prevent you from doing so. It can be very dangerous to take any weight loss product if you have known or underlying health issues, or take certain medications. Women who are pregnant or nursing should pay particular attention to the side effect warnings.

There are a few disadvantages and some advantages to taking Slimquick to lose weight. If you are using other weight loss supplements you need to be very careful if you intend to take a combination of the two. There is the potential of doing harm to your body even though the Slimquick ingredients are natural based.

Make sure you read the fine print on the label. Although the company states that using Slimquick will help you lose weight, they also suggest that diet and exercise should be included in your weight loss program.

As with any product designed to help you lose weight make sure you may close attention to the warning label before you use them. If you have known health issues, these can be made worse if you take the product without first asking your doctor if he/she deems it safe for you to do so.

Losing weight is not worth jeopardizing your health by taking something that could potentially make your condition worse.

Go to the official Slimquick website and read the information they supply. You will find a list of ingredients contained in each different supplement, how they affect your body, and information on how to order the products offered. The cost of ordering Slimquick is nominal, but you may find that it is cheaper to buy direct from your local retailer. There are often shipping charges associated with on-line ordering that can be avoided by shopping locally.

Read the testimonials from women who have already used Slimquick supplements to lose weight. This is another way you can learn first-hand how the product works, if it works, what side effects to expect, and how you can use it effectively. If you are satisfied and you feel this is the weight loss product for you then go ahead and try it for yourself.

The Slimquick Products Line up

Slimquick Labs has introduced a weight loss supplement that is geared specifically toward women who want to lose weight. The product has been created with the way a woman’s body functions and it is with this understanding that Slimquick creators designed the weight loss supplement.

They say that each woman’s body is different and these differences come to light when she is trying to lose weight. Hormonal functions, water retention, stress and other things change how a woman is able to shed the pounds, and obviously, no two women are alike in this aspect.

Slimquick manufacturers state that each individual woman can use the supplement and the weight loss program to get rid of excess weight quickly and actually keep it off permanently. Specialists within the company have tailored this program for weight loss, and understand how each woman’s body functions in a different manner. The program is simple and easy to use. Product information is available as well as information to how it came about and where it can be purchased is available at the Slimquick website.

Testimonials from women who have tried Slimquick are available on the official website, and also a list of ingredients found in the product can be viewed. There is also detailed information about the company and a wealth of information about the “Slimquick Mission”. The website is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the supplement, easy to navigate and contains a wealth of information for the curious individuals.

There are 4 different products in the Slimquick line:

New and Improved Slimquick Caplets state that these are correctly formulated with the specific needs of any woman’s body by raising metabolism levels. The company states that clinical testing has been done and proven in this area.

Slimquick Mixed Berries Packets offer essentially the same claims as the caplets yet have a fruity flavor that is pleasing to the palate.

Slimquick Hoodia is also pretty much the same as the other supplements but it also adds vitamin D3, calcium, and other needed nutrients that help build stronger bones as well as assisting with weight loss.

Slimquick Extreme is specifically geared toward a woman with an active lifestyle. A woman who has a lot of energetic activities or exercises on a regular basis may find that this particular supplement benefits her lifestyle. According to the company this form of Slimquick has a maximum strength formula that will allow the body to shed more water weight, break down fat more easily and quickly, and also increase performance.

All of the Slimquick supplements and products are created with quick and effective weight loss in mind. According to the company each Slimquick supplement has undergone rigorous clinical testing to determine their safety. Of course, this will depend on the health of the individuals who choose to use them.

Always keep your health and safety uppermost in your mind and get the go-ahead from your health care professional before trying any weight loss products.

BottomLine : Better alternatives to SlimQuick

SlimQuick is a good product to boost metabolism. But merely focusing on metabolism boosters for your weight loss is NOT the best strategy for weight loss. So, for most people, it will be a hit or a miss.

A better alternative would be to try Phen375 and/or Genf20 Plus. Together these two products can target all the complex causes of excess weight in women.



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